Smart hustle

What does the word HUSTLE mean to you?

To us, it means giving your all to achieving your goals. Whether it's a C-level position at your startup you're gunning for, or launching something of your own, you gotta HUSTLE for it. 

And don't mistake the word "hustle" for just aimlessly working at 150% capacity, 24/7. Let's hustle smart. Smart hustle means to move quickly with purpose. Without purpose, structure or goals, your hustle can lead to mediocre results at best or burnout at worst. 

Yes, the point is to DO. But it also matters what you’re doing. The essence of hustle becomes much more defined when you know the purpose you're working for. And making wise decisions along the way, keeping the consequences in mind. There is no place for rushed, mindless decisions.

So, how to hustle harder and smarter?

“On a mission, your worst enemy is idle time.” - Nipsey Hussle

We're lucky to live in the best time to hustle. Today, we are connected like never before. Leveraging that for your benefit, to put food on the table, is easier than ever before.

Whatever you're selling (and yes, everyone is selling something, be it your skills, services or products), you can hustle, go out and spread the word. Talk to people! You'll grow by the day, getting feedback on how to improve your offering, how to better sell. You have to give away your time, or even your products or services for free initially, to get feedback. That's hustle.

Not everybody is going to say "yes". But not everybody is going to say "no" either. So, the next part of hustle is following up. Whether you got a reply or didn't — hey, you can’t just expect them to call back, or to reply to your emails cause you reached out to them once — you gotta follow up. That's hustle.

Business is like your baby. You’ll do things that you’d never do for yourself. You need to nurture it for it to grow, and it will take time! That's hustle.

"The hustle is the unglamorous stuff. The stuff nobody really wants to talk about because it’s not so pretty. It’s the hard work you gotta do in business. But it’s way more glamorous to say "I hustled, and now my book is in every store in America" Or "I hustled and now run a 6-Figure Biz"" - Tova Payne

Hustle is usually the opposite of glamorous, it may even not be fun at times. You might be doing things you’d never imagined you would when you were younger. That's when you can’t contemplate, but keep your head down and keep moving forward.

Cause the taste of victory which follows, is going to be sweeter than anything you’ve ever tasted.

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